Farming Affordable
& Welfare-friendly eggs
for New Zealand.

New Zealanders love eggs. We consume around 206 eggs per person every year on average*!
All of the eggs produced in New Zealand come from local farmers who maintain very high standards of quality and freshness.

Our farming environment is ideal because it's free from many challenges other countries face i.e. pests and avian diseases. This helps ensure a safe and reliable egg supply for NZ consumers, local food manufacturers, hospitality trades and retailers.

*2023 data

About the Egg Producers Federation of New Zealand

The Egg Producers Federation of New Zealand (EPFNZ) is the national body representing the interests of all commercial egg farmers with over 100 birds. These farms encompass a variety of production systems, including free-range, organic, barn and colony egg farming. The Federation is funded through a ‘chick levy’, which is integrated into the purchase price of the day-old chicks from hatcheries. In addition to egg farmers, membership also extends to hatcheries, rearers and other companies and suppliers affiliated to the industry.

The New Zealand Egg Industry is governed by very robust standards which ensures New Zealanders have access to an affordable and reliable source of high-quality protein, produced by healthy hens.

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